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Published: Sun, 2. Aug 2015., 4:27

Environmental Paint Washout System now for hire at The Plant Yard, Sydney

The Plant Yard's paint washout system separates paint and water from the washing into clear water and solid waste using treatment chemicals. The clean water can then be recycled for use and the dry paint residue is now ready for safer and environmentally friendly disposal.

Storage and

Flammable Goods Container

Flammable Goods Cupboard

Gas Storage Cage

Environmental Spill Bund


Water Sedimation Settlement Bin

Sand Filter Large

Water Pump

Dewatering Pipe (Steel)


Truck Rumble Grid

Water Cart Dust Control Unit

Dust Control Unit (Forkable)


Water Treatment Facility

Spill Pallet Bund

Concete Wash Out Bin
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